JULLEY!!!! Oh my god! It is supposed to be so beautiful… I have heard so much about this place.. I’ve always wanted to go. My god I m so jelly right now of you!! That is where 3 idiots was shot right?! If you’ve ever uttered nonsense like this before when someone told you about Leh and Laddakh or have heard this before, well, you are in the right place then. JULLEY. All these excuses, and more excuses and not excusing you from your sorry excuse of an existence to what is definitely most certainly one of the best trips to undertake. So how did we do it? First, we decided to go to Leh, Laddakh. Then we went to Leh, Laddakh. We booked tickets and we flew. (Disclaimer, this is probably not the best way to do this trip. Instructions follow latter ) Now we planned it and we had a group of 30 members going. Pretty sweet right. After a lot of hemming and hawing and ”its too expensive” to “ I cant get days off from my job”. We were whittled down to 3 members. Pretty sweet right. If your daily life prevents you from travelling, then you should change your daily life. So we booked our flight tix and flew into Delhi. We stayed for a few hours in the overnight lounge, which btw is definitely recommended here, if you are flying to Leh. We woke up a few hours later, refreshed and ready to go. We arrived in Leh on 15th August. Now this was pretty cool as its India’s independence day, and we got to see a pretty nice parade and a neatly decked out marketplace. If you fly into Leh, make sure you give yourself at least 2 days of acclimatization. This is a must or it will knock you on your ass and you are going to pretty much screw your trip over. We arrived early morning at our airport with just 2 terminals and a vast grey landscape. We checked in and took a light nap. When we awoke it was like waking up after a fully night bender. Massive headaches accompanied by dizziness. Now I know how this sounds, but up there, like in Leh, this is pretty normal stuff if you fly in. One whole day we relaxed in the room looking out and raring to go. But we heeded advice of the great traveler god and took it easy and explored Leh market a little bit .The next day, we grabbed a nice breakfast at a decent place and had ourselves some sandwiches. We hired a car and went to Sangam Lake. This is where people do some river-rafting which is pretty tame, and in my opinion kind of lame. If my heart is not pounding out of my chest while rafting, well then I’ve just wasted time. This sangam lake is where 2 rivers meet or 2 rivers have sangam (which is meet in Hindi). For all you DSLR wannabe types, this is a great photo op place. It has gray water, with gray to grayish black mountains overlooking it and then a bright blue sky to contrast it all up. Its like nature’s own Instagram in this place.





Next we roll on into Magnetic hill. Apparently, the story goes, that the mountains contain magnetite, which allows the vehicle to be pulled uphill from a certain spot in neutral. Also, jet fighters vibrate something fierce when they fly over this place. Why to visit?!! Well, its got this long road less travelled where its just sepia toned all over and the road you can just walk on for miles on end. Pretty great photo-op again. We get rolling again and go to a temple. Gurudwara pathhar sahib, which is pretty old and quite serene. Its inner sanctum is carved through a stone (a pathhar = stone, hence the name). We had a quick chai and nibble. Then we moved to hall of fame. This is a military museum showcasing wildlife, terrain, borders and battles with a small movie at the end. For you history buffs, this is a nice place to stop. For others, get to know Leh better by stopping here, checking out the detailed maps and giving thanks to troops if that’s your thing. By this time, its evening and we are at Leh palace. Not a traditional palace like you sees in them Disney movies, but still quite grand. It overlooks the market place and has a small temple that you can hike too. Now, this being our second day and still acclimatizing, we skipped the trek altogether to the temple. Walking a few steps makes us breathless and there was heaviness throughout. This too is seemingly normal in Leh if you fly in. we climbed all the way up to Leh palace and took some pics. IMG_0130






View from inside LEH PALACE

Our last stop was shanti stupa. This is once the best places to visit. They have a meditation room with slow Buddhist chants and a repetitive drum beat. Also, there are mattresses on the floor in which you can either lay down, or sit, or nap or whatever suits your fancy. Close your eyes, listen to the drums and that shit will totally completely relax you. Take a breather here. Some people sit for hours on end and there is no time limit. Take a 200-yard hike up to see a Buddha statue (one of many that you will see). Come down and before you leave, visit the chai shop here. Trust me you, they have great chai’s. Some with yak milk, green teas and every other kind. Take it outside on the verandah. Sit by the ledge, have your hot chai and see a breathtaking sun set. By evening time, one can walk around Leh market. It’s got only certain kinds of shops. Either you are buying clothes such as pashmina shawls or cotton shawls. Here you can also get custom made shirts of varying style. Next shops offer orienting/ buying hiking gear. Next, you are renting bikes and getting permissions (this is very important. As permissions need to be taken on all the places you wish to visit and permissions are given only in Leh town. ) Third, are you eating places, which are very nice and give a nice eclectic mix of European and Indian cuisine. Fourth, are your meditations places where yoga is offered alongside treks that are offered. Some have very nice offers and you can ride-share here and even camp-share. We have responsible people in our group (not I, but others) who arranged and bookedeverything prior. If that is not your style like mine, just wing it then.



Different Views of SHANTI STUPA

At nighttime, the nightlife is pretty tame, unless you get invited to a party. Then you’re in for a one sweet ride. Waterfalls and quiet spots with tents all splayed out. They offer you a ride to the venue and back. You can BYOB or purchase there. Its all quite far out dude, or so I’ve heard. We basically just chilled out in a restaurant with different fireplaces around. All of sudden, singing erupts and we are in for a random ass, totally cool jam session, belting out songs and joined by fellow travelers from all over the globe. I dare to try a beer and settle in quite nicely by the fire. It’s a bit nippy out and one should be layered properly because it gets COLD. After an early breakfast, we pack our shit and head on to panamik hot springs. It is a natural hot springs that come out of the mountains. It costs 30 INR to soak in the hot tubs, boys and girls separate and another 30 INR to eat Maggi noodles made from that water.


OOooh…Somethings Hot in here


Now if you’re going to Leh. Get ready to eat Maggi or some version of it. They are basically hydrated noodles that are boiled, with some spices added or egg or cheese and you eat them. Sort of like ramen but not really. This will be your staple food on your travels through Leh. Wherever, you go, Maggi is king. Know it, love it; it’ll make life simpler and easier. So then we keep on Rollin Rollin Rollin. On to Sumur Monastery. It has a massively tall, golden Buddha. Again great photo-ops of the surrounding valley plus framing the Buddha every which way is lots of fun. Quick lil insight about Buddhism in Leh. It’s very different, whereas, in Thailand and Nepal, its more focused on Zen philosophy, Leh is geared towards the macabre. There are lots of pictures of demons and exorcisms within the inner sanctum of monasteries. Some of them are pretty graphic and a version of the Buddha who helps is exorcism is exalted. Now, this may seem different to many, but its cool in its own way and pretty interesting if you want to get into it. The monastery is beautifully located and has very nice apple trees.The size of these apples are very small than usual. Make sure you ask for permission before you pick em, but they are juicy.





Apple tree outside SUMUR MONASTERY

After this, we went on to hunder sand dunes. For all you Indian movie cinephiles, this is a pretty popular spot where a bunch of Indian movies are shot. Now this place has got it all. Tall grey mountains, with sand dunes to one side, with a small glacier stream running through it and patches of greenery opposite. It’s a nice place to sit, wander, ride on some camels (they are two-humped camels which are different than the single humped camels found in Rajasthan, that’s my lil fact for the day and your welcome. See you learn something new every day). You can also don ethnic Laddakh clothes and click pictures (very touristy). Staying wise, tents are best, though it can get pretty cold at night. Again not much in terms of nightlife, so its always best to go in big groups if you want to be entertained at night. Though with all the traveling, one is pretty tired by the time you end up here.


Painting comes alive at HUNDER SAND DUNES


Traditional Ladakh COSTUME


Snow,Water, Sand and Greenery

Its magical here at SUNDER SAND DUNES


Evening Parade.

Double humped camels of LADAKH

We got up refreshed and with wide-eyes wonder (just kidding, we were like lets do this). We travelled back to Leh, via diksit monastery (a very beautiful monastery, definitely a stopover required). We passed over Khardung-La top, which is the highest motor able roadway in the world. (Don’t believe me, they got signs proving it, at 18,000 and some hundred feet). Don’t stay here for more than 20 min or so, difficulty in breathing results. Again, if you want, grab some tea and/or some Maggi. And by evening time, we were back in Leh town. From here on out, you are free to some your time as you see fit. IMG_0481



View from top of DISKIT MONASTERY


Some achievement i say at KHARDUNGLA PASS  


Once you touched KHARDUNGLA PASS,

Sky isn’t that far then…

Next is one of our busiest days. We get up and go to Stok palace (nothing too great, but its not like you visit Leh every day right). Onwards and forwards to Thiksey (now they have this big golden Buddha face inside the monastery, which is pretty serene to look at). Passing over chang-la top (the 3nd highest motorable road on the world) towards Tso Pan gong.


Too tired to take the picture of the palace 

so just clicked a selfie sitting 🙂 at STOK PALACE


Beauty and The Beast  at STOK PALACE



Future Buddha as they call it.





Its a little scary inside THIKSEY MONASTERY


Picturesque view from THIKSEY


Another achievement…HUH



So many prayers at the Chang la Baba Temple


This was my favorite part of the trip. I was looking forward to this right from the start. Pan gong lake is 146 km, in which 46 km are in India, while the rest 100 km are in china. Some people prefer to drive early in the morning, visit here and then drive back to Leh on motorbikes. If that’s your deal, jus make sure you start real early as they close the roads by nighttime (and seriously, you don’t want to drive at night on these roads, unless you got a death-wish something fierce). Most of the accommodations are in tents, but we chose to stay in the only hotel that there is (hey, I saved up money to enjoy this trip alright). They have like maybe 5 shacks here all named after the Indian movie 3 idiots (which made this spot popular). The water is just breath taking. It starts off with this clean look and turns shades of blue and green and turquoise (which is like a fancy word for blue-green). It’s clean, cold and crisp (kind of like the best beers out there). Pan gong lake at first glance is merely a lake, albeit a very beautiful one. But if you take the time to sit on it banks and stare into it, it transforms colors. I sat on the banks of the lake, with the cold mountain air sweeping through my ears and nipping on my nose, the glacier water lapping on its shores, lost and not wanting to be found. We sat on one of the shacks, busted out our portable speakers, had tea and Maggi and just watched the sun completely instagram the hell out of the lake.


Beyond words at PANGONG LAKE


Prayers all the way at PANGONG LAKE




The colour changing Waters at PANGONG TSO


Looking through the prayers at PANGONG TSO


I am right behind you 🙂 at PANGONG TSO

After pushing the limits of our camera’s battery, we pushed off by 7 am. We drove 40 km along Pan gong Lake, passing through Spagnmik (maggi stop) and towards Indo-china flag meeting spot (again, make sure you have permits for all these places.).



Hats off to our Soldiers

DISCLAIMER: We travelled ass backwards. We went from Pangong Lake towards Tso Moririri Lake. This in hindsight was a very bad idea due to horrible roads. Better is to go Leh – Tso moriri-pangong lake. IMG_0856

View from our vehicle on the way to Tsomoriri


Beautiful view of the sun falling on the sand

on the way to Tso Moriri

We arrived at Tso-morriri lake (highest altitude lake) at around evening time. This is mainly due to just shit roads that are a pain in the ass to travel. For you bikers, these roads a no go. The lake is massive and super cold. But the stars over here are just amazing. We laid back and just got lost in the stars. There were so many many of them. If you come from a city like we do, the night sky is pretty bland. Here, it’s a smorgasbord of stars and heavenly bodies. If you have an astronomy app, you’re going to have lots of fun. On my way back, we encountered wild asses (they run super fast) and marmosets. Plus ducks and geese of varying types.






MARMOSET just sun bathing and posing 🙂

On the way back, you will pass quite a few small towns where we saw dozens of Magpies just chilling. Well if you have the time, should definitely stop and check out.





We passed over Tanglang La pass (the 2rd highest motor able road, yup we hit the trifecta on this beach) all the way to Leh. We printed up shirts of our routes, wore em and say bye bye Leh .


And yet another Achievement 🙂






Random Dog just out of Sleep


The Massive Cloud

leh kids





It is a beautiful Chirpy Day


PEACE says the White flower 🙂


SPOT the SPARROW contest !!!!


YES, it is a YAK…There it is!!

wild goat

WILD GOAT….Alive and Dead


Road to Awesomeness 🙂

Spent one last night, and then flew back the next day.

Quick Tip : – The very ideal way to make this trip is to bike it up. Get a group or two, rent or buy bikes and start from Delhi to manali and then to Leh. This takes time, like minimum of 10-14 days. But, there will be not acclimatization problems and once you reach Leh, go nuts. One can also take a bus tour from delhi-manali-leh. There are also many other routes that are open depending upon weather conditions. July-September is probably the best times to visit here. Weather is not too cold, or dry and everything is pretty much open. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and all.

Julley 🙂


BYE BYE LEH…You were just Awesome

at Delhi Airport


So you’ve heard of the beaches of goa, or maybe you’re a veteran of those waters, having treaded em for seasons on end. You’ve read countless blogs or even written the book on goa. Hell you might even live there. So what do you care about this blog. If that is the case, then thanks for wasting your time and thank you very much buddy. Just mosey on along then. But in case you are still reading and curious, well, then follow us down the rabbit hole.

Goa, the land of sand, sun and lil bit of surf. At first glance, you think you’ve figured this place out. It’s a beach place right, where you go, sit on a shack, drink a beer, smoke a lil homegrown.

Or maybe its goa, the place to party hard, rage against the dying of the moonlight.

Its goa, the honeymoon destination, all quiet and serene

But nah, bruh, its GOA. Its all of these, and yet none at the same time. It’s the illustrious mistress that fulfills your every whim. If you want to party, its got em til the break of dawn. If you want to expand your mind, open your third eye and converse with god. What better place than this.

Drop here, tune in and dance with Shiva.

Reach Zen yet…..?! No, that’s ok.

Start out at North Goa. Not quite Baga beach, not quite Anjuna Beach

Somewhere to start. Get up, put on a little bit of makeup, get ready and get out.

Go to Baga where the water sports aplenty, with beer and feni. Too commercial you say.

Well, mosey on along to Anjuna, where you can let your thoughts float in a cloud of …. Whatever.

Then pack your shit up, get your butt on your activa (is there any other way to travel, except a bike maybe…..car is for tourists, and you’re a traveler my friend) and move forth

Arrive at Vagator, the rocky beach where going into the water is really not advised.

Sit at Boom Shankar shack, trip out on amazing music and explore the high nightlife at Hilltop

Had enough, well then get moving on to Mandrem Beach. This is the relaxed part. You will see foreigners but they are more the family sort. The interesting topography makes a small inlet of water where you are sandwiched between water sand and ocean.

Move on to Arambhol beach. This is not for regular folks. This is where you close your eyes, inhale deep, with the wise man whispering the secrets of the universe to you as you float down into consciousness, trying to remember as much as possible

Then you move onto to Paradise Beach, our ultimate destination. Mind you, this is not in goa, technically its in Maharashtra side. You will cross the border and maybe checked, so be smart.

You will arrive at Paradise Beach. You come here and will understand why its called so. There are no shacks here. There might only be some 500 people here and the water is see-through. This is one of those hidden gems that if maintained will continue to delight. Spend as much time here as possible. Its isolated, quiet, clean and unlike most places associated with the country. Once you’ve had your fill, return along the same route, though it can be a lil harrowing at night, because of lack of street lights. Again be smart and drive safe. Arrive back on beaches of goa. If you still got some left in the tank, stop at any of the above mentioned places to start the night off right. Mind you, the parties can last all night and well into the next day.

20140220_175649                  20140222_173030

Crystal clear water of                       Colorful PALOLEM Beach



Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Or just eat. The shacks in goa, serve amazing food, especially if you’re a seafood lover. If you’re a vegetarian, goa serves amazing food.

To start with, try the barramundi in Xacuti (Shakuti as pronounced in Konkani language) sauce. That shit is delish. Pair it up with a nice white wine or a local beer,that is served chilled. The texture of the barramundi is smooth and it is usually cooked to melt-in-your- mouth levels. There is no oily aftertaste associated with other seafood. The xacuti sauce might be spicy for some to handle, but if you can make it through the heat, there is a nice sweet aftertaste to it. Washing it down with a cold white wine or beer is mostly almost definitely recommended.

Next move on to the prawns in curry sauce or lobsters that are cooked to order. These can get a bit pricey so check yourself and your budget before you wreck yourself. For vegetarians, there is an all day pancake fest. These are made to order, fresh, fluffy, soft and dripping in chocolate sauce. There are the vegetable curries and other eclectic mix of European foods ranging from Russian salads to Israeli foods which are quite authentic

This is a day to relax, swim in the water and explore on your own. Goa has a nice fort to hike through. Beware the tours of dolphins that are promised. You are only gonna see a fin at most and that is if your lucky. If you still want to rage, feel free to repeat the above

If you feel slightly off-beat. Grab your gear and go to south goa, making your way to Palolem Beach. It is quite and had a very different vibe than the north. It is more zen like. The rooms are right above the shacks. Mind you, the drive from north to south is long, so be prepared to spend a night at least in Palolem to maximize the experience. While you are here, hike your ass upto the silent parties. This is where you put on head-phones and put your music on and just get your groove on. All around you, others do the same. But you cannot hear what the other person is hearing, the room is silent (hence the name). Its different, fun and worth a sight as people quietly jamming on their own is like watching a zombie dance-off. When you wake up, move out your balcony and the Arabian sea in all its glory will welcome you, awash in sunlight and the smell of surf and seafood in your nostrils.

There is no fixed time limit to stay in Goa. We were there for 5 days and yet that didn’t feel quite adequate. People are happy to spend a weekend here to a whole week to a whole month. Come, explore, see what makes you happy, climb out and then return to normal.

Till next time, follow us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, young Alice..

Paired up at last fulfilling the wanderlust :)

There was once a girl…..
She likes to see simple things in a new way through
Her eyes were lens and camera her heart that captured the world around her
Hiking and trekking were eating and breathing for her
While the rest of us stuck to routine, she tried new things
A temple of god, or a temple of sin, equally she was comfortable.


There was once a girl….
The rest of us put on glasses or contacts and brush our teeth in the morning,
She charges her camera and peer through the lens
While we settle in to our routine of the same
She busts out the random, trying new things
Bills, checks, meetings and reports is what we look forward to
Climbing the Siachen glacier or hanging out of a Serengeti is her future
Study hard and work hard, you may earn a living
Play and party hard, she earns a life
And then…..
She met her lover 🙂


There was once a boy…

He liked to go with the flow

Men among men, a true bro

He would try anything once, just for the experience.

Food was another frontier of adventure for him, and why not.He would let loose like a canon, barge in, and feast like a beast

He was a true wordsmith, balancing letters and comas on a finely intricate choreography meant to elicit a feeling, as a composer or an artist with his canvas would do,

Or just say frak this, be a mammal and do it like they do on the discovery channel

He would put on the drinking cap, go hard and then go home, with one hell of a story to tell in the next day

He liked to bend the rules, just ever so, for the heck of it.


There was a boy……

Life to the party, he would bring

With abandon, he would eat and drink

Simplify life and not over-think

Words to other words he would link

On paper, life he would bring with ink

Zen by the lake

Enjoy his cake

Rules to break

Experiences to make

Wholly original, never fake

Living is simply, life is great

And then….

He met his lover…. 🙂

Once met a boy and a girl..

They became a travel pair

Not exactly the same, not exactly unalike

Same same but different

We put the F U in fun

Bound by thread of travel.

We don’t think of travelling, we go out and do it, no excuses

One picked a destination, the other planned it out

From the peaks of Leh and Ladakh

To the beaches of goa, things just worked

Laughs are shared, food is gulped down

Taking a popular destination and travelling on the road less travelled.

To go to a place and see it like never before.

Avoiding the popular and going with the weird

From snow to sand, with drinks in hand, history is explored while the future is written down.


We don’t just travel, we explore.

We don’t just eat, we taste

Majority of edibles is edible eaten.

We don’t hear the sound of waves and waterfalls, we listen to them.

We work hard

What you think getting up early to explore a whole city is easy, going about the random gallis, working the rickshaws and tuk-tuks, going top of the highest motorable road in the world,

We play hard,

Exploring the hottest nightclubs or the sitting by the campfire, its only fun time

From the shacks of goa, to the tea stalls of Ladakh, a sunset is never a sunset, unless the sun sets

We have a fenny here, a tequila there, its not about drinking as its about socializing.

Meeting people from different walks of life. Sharing over a pint, hell it must be happy hour somewhere in the world

Cuz drinking ain’t easy, but someone has to do it

From camel- riding, to snowboarding and surfing, by horseback and bear-back,

We ride, we go forth, travel

We sleep too,

In farmhouses, and tents and floors of airports. In the cold open of a Leh night, to the balmy darkness of goa

Wheather it is a beer-soaked night of beerfest of Bangalore, or the sullen next mornings of ooty.

By the hair of the dog, we get up, put on a little bit of makeup,

Cuz we got 99 problems, but travel aint one.

Because if We don’t travel, we unravel

So follow us down the rabbit hole… 🙂



Hyderabad foodies


Great Food is our destination.

How we get there is still a question..!!

But for us it is not just about eating,

It’s about the experience that we will share for a lifetime.


Welcome to the royal land of Nawabs where u can eat everything

From Veg biryanis to Curry’s to Kebabs.

Between the two of us, we run the length eating and drinking everything

that this magnificent city of Hyderabad has to offer.

Great Food is our destination…

How we get there though is still a question.

We get up, we get ready and we go to a destination we still don’t know.

We decide on A, drive to B and end up in C.

We look at the feast in front of us with the mouth watering appeal

and we try to capture that deliciousness in our lens.

But its not all about pigging out, it is about an experience.

So when you look at it ,your mouth waters the same way as the 1st time,

And you remember the aroma, the laughs that were shared over that plate.

With our wandering around,

People ask us what’s good in town,

For our tastes are impeccable ,our angles are precise.

Where we get about, well, you just have to follow us and find out..:)

Sunday Brunch at olive Bistro

Brunch…4th meal of the day…A tropical getaway



Goa on your Plate

A mouth watering seafood platter at your service



Home Slice once in a while..at HOME

As everybody gets tired of eating out.


Sharing is Caring

As you can’t finish this chicken fillet burger.



Just a quick bite of chocolate

Its Ferrero Indulgence at HAZZel ICE CREAM CAFE


Mango for two to tango


Feast like a beast

Sunday brunch at SO Restaurant


A small bite of chocolate with orange on top


A candle-lit dessert

Ooh the spider web Chocolate deco on the plate..



AAHH!! Breadigator


A classic combo, Wine and gelato,What you’ve never heard of it!!




Fried Icecream



Breakfast of gluttons



Sugar Rush


His and Hers

Liquid Nitrogen Icecream



Midnight indulgence



Four square and 10 min


Anniversary buffet at AB's

HowNOT to fit into your pants

Try the Unlimited Bufet



Planting a tree in the chocolate forest



Tiki-Tiki Rum

Ooh the egyptian look of the Jar

Crostini Fungi

Give em bread

Crostini Fungi At OFEN

Yummy Fried Icecream

Fry em


Ofens signature rotisserie chicken

Flat Food


Burnt Garlic sticky rice with Triple mushroom in ginger wine sauce

Burnt garlic rice with mushrooms in wine sauce


Fricassee of vegetables at OFEN

Color me red

Fricassee of vegetables at OFEN


Ahhh The beauty and the taste of the



Which Color you want…



Prawn dumpling to die for.



Foodie becomes the Cook…

Some wine and dine at HOME again

Follow us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass