Paired up at last fulfilling the wanderlust :)

There was once a girl…..
She likes to see simple things in a new way through
Her eyes were lens and camera her heart that captured the world around her
Hiking and trekking were eating and breathing for her
While the rest of us stuck to routine, she tried new things
A temple of god, or a temple of sin, equally she was comfortable.


There was once a girl….
The rest of us put on glasses or contacts and brush our teeth in the morning,
She charges her camera and peer through the lens
While we settle in to our routine of the same
She busts out the random, trying new things
Bills, checks, meetings and reports is what we look forward to
Climbing the Siachen glacier or hanging out of a Serengeti is her future
Study hard and work hard, you may earn a living
Play and party hard, she earns a life
And then…..
She met her lover 🙂


There was once a boy…

He liked to go with the flow

Men among men, a true bro

He would try anything once, just for the experience.

Food was another frontier of adventure for him, and why not.He would let loose like a canon, barge in, and feast like a beast

He was a true wordsmith, balancing letters and comas on a finely intricate choreography meant to elicit a feeling, as a composer or an artist with his canvas would do,

Or just say frak this, be a mammal and do it like they do on the discovery channel

He would put on the drinking cap, go hard and then go home, with one hell of a story to tell in the next day

He liked to bend the rules, just ever so, for the heck of it.


There was a boy……

Life to the party, he would bring

With abandon, he would eat and drink

Simplify life and not over-think

Words to other words he would link

On paper, life he would bring with ink

Zen by the lake

Enjoy his cake

Rules to break

Experiences to make

Wholly original, never fake

Living is simply, life is great

And then….

He met his lover…. 🙂

Once met a boy and a girl..

They became a travel pair

Not exactly the same, not exactly unalike

Same same but different

We put the F U in fun

Bound by thread of travel.

We don’t think of travelling, we go out and do it, no excuses

One picked a destination, the other planned it out

From the peaks of Leh and Ladakh

To the beaches of goa, things just worked

Laughs are shared, food is gulped down

Taking a popular destination and travelling on the road less travelled.

To go to a place and see it like never before.

Avoiding the popular and going with the weird

From snow to sand, with drinks in hand, history is explored while the future is written down.


We don’t just travel, we explore.

We don’t just eat, we taste

Majority of edibles is edible eaten.

We don’t hear the sound of waves and waterfalls, we listen to them.

We work hard

What you think getting up early to explore a whole city is easy, going about the random gallis, working the rickshaws and tuk-tuks, going top of the highest motorable road in the world,

We play hard,

Exploring the hottest nightclubs or the sitting by the campfire, its only fun time

From the shacks of goa, to the tea stalls of Ladakh, a sunset is never a sunset, unless the sun sets

We have a fenny here, a tequila there, its not about drinking as its about socializing.

Meeting people from different walks of life. Sharing over a pint, hell it must be happy hour somewhere in the world

Cuz drinking ain’t easy, but someone has to do it

From camel- riding, to snowboarding and surfing, by horseback and bear-back,

We ride, we go forth, travel

We sleep too,

In farmhouses, and tents and floors of airports. In the cold open of a Leh night, to the balmy darkness of goa

Wheather it is a beer-soaked night of beerfest of Bangalore, or the sullen next mornings of ooty.

By the hair of the dog, we get up, put on a little bit of makeup,

Cuz we got 99 problems, but travel aint one.

Because if We don’t travel, we unravel

So follow us down the rabbit hole… 🙂



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